Dial Before You Dig

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In Australia, the government has imposed a new requirement for all residents to call in before they dig: they must dial before they start any excavation. This means that plumbers, electrical services providers, and any other service provider must check the property for any underground power lines and utility lines. This is the most stringent requirement of all, and requires the utility provider to pay a fee for ensuring that the site is safe.

A New Requirement For Excavators – Dial Before You Dig

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The aim of this new law is to protect Australia’s underground assets by providing an easy and free referral service. The service connects excavators with the owners of underground assets and helps them locate safe and reliable underground infrastructure. Its members include telecommunications companies, governments, and telecommunications companies. The Dial Before You Dig website is an excellent way to get the necessary information about the project.

The first step in a safe excavation is to find underground utilities. A number of underground services are available in the city, and you should dial before you dig sydney. You can also use a mobile phone to contact them. These services can be highly useful in the event of an emergency or a natural disaster. Regardless of where you’re planning to do your digging, make sure to call before you start. You’ll be contacted by a Dial Before You Dig service representative and informed of the situation.

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