Feed Your Pets With Animal Feed NZ

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animal feed nz

Animal Feed NZ is one of the leading suppliers of fresh and quality organic meat and dairy products to the New Zealand market. Established in 1985, it has quickly grown into one of the biggest suppliers of premium food items to the North/South Island, providing its members with an excellent assortment of products including beef, pork, goat, rabbit, chicken, turkey and lamb to name a few. It is also proud to be New Zealand’s only 100% organic dairy and food manufacturing company. The business started out as a small family owned dairy farm in Christchurch before expanding to run several facilities around the country. The company now has an important presence in New Zealand, manufacturing health and wellbeing, organic and natural, specialty fish and game, and produce.


One of the highlights for many customers is that they can visit the farms to see how the animals are being fed and treated, and the quality of their products. For example, you can feed your lambs a high-quality alfalfa hay to help regulate their growth, preventing them from becoming overweight. Or you may visit a poultry farm where the hens are fed fresh grains from spring through autumn to help them lay the most eggs. If you’re a member of an eco-vegetarian family, you can find vegetarian products at the farm as well, such as eggs from chickens that have been raised without the use of chemicals. In addition, if you are looking for products that are free of BSE (Bovine Sponges), please visit the feed farm because they don’t use BSE.


The farming procedures at Animal Feed NZ are carefully documented, ensuring that the animals are fed safely, and are treated humanely throughout their lifetimes. Their animals are free to roam on the farm, and have access to fresh water, shade, and unlimited amount of pasture grass. They never have to be penned in, and are able to exercise on a daily basis. Because of the dedicated staff at the farm, and the methods that are used to ensure the health and safety of the animals, they have consistently received extremely high customer satisfaction. If you are looking for a high quality organic source for your animal feed, this is the farm for you.

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