Some Of The Best VPN Routers Online

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Some Best VPN Routers – Synology VPN Server

best VPN router

What is a VPN router? It is actually a router specifically designed especially for the best VPN routers online functions so that you are able to maintain all of your internet-connected devices safe at all times no matter where they may be located. Connect your router right to the network, so that your whole family never misses to turn it on. Your job just got easier and your device can stay up to date.

Is Your Router Good?

There are many different types of VPN routers that you will come across as you browse around the web. Some of them may even sound similar to each other but they do not have the same purposes. To get the best VPN router, you should always stick to those ones that offer you great features. Some of the best VPN router offerings would be the Archer A7 and Linksys WZR-series.

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The Archer A7 offers excellent protection for your home network. With its built-in firewall, you are sure that your device is going to stay protected from anything that may happen. The best VPN router for you might be the Linksys WZR series. With its added security options such as NAC status, MMS, and SBC, you can feel confident that you are safe even while online.

The Best Routers Are Not Cheap

If you are looking for something with more speed, then the Synology RT2600AC is what you need. With speeds of up to 4800 MTU, it is quite evident that your device will run much faster than before, even with its preinstalled software bundle. You can also enjoy some great freebies, including the free scanning tool for your Synology RTS.

Choose The Best VPN Router For You

The Linksys WRT-AC3200, on the other hand, offers plenty of powerful networking features. This router also comes with two advanced features, namely, SmartConnect and Wireless Site Scanner. With the former, you get to enjoy real-time information about your internet connection. With the latter, you get the opportunity to troubleshoot your wireless connections. While this router doesn’t offer as many advanced features as the other one, it still offers plenty of great things, especially in terms of performance and speed.


Regardless of these two amazing routers, there is still no doubt that the best VPN router for you is going to be the one that has an exclusive Synology VPN server. This server will allow your VPN connectivity to be maximized, giving you a lot more capabilities in terms of privacy and safety. This particular server is exclusive to Synology, and you can use it with ease. With a dedicated app, you can connect to the VPN server from your smartphone, mobile device, or even your tablet. All you have to do is to install the app and grant access to your device. These two tools, plus a high quality VPN server, should give you everything that you need to ensure that your private network is 100% secured.

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