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Mobile devices are the most popular gaming platforms in Thailand, with 95% of gamers playing on them. However, PCs and consoles are still popular, with 84% of gamers using them. Most เว็บพนันออนไลน์ที่น่าเชื่อถือที่สุดในไทย  in Thailand are female, and 95% of them spend money on in-game purchases. Most of these purchases are for playable characters.

What is the biggest gaming community?

The country’s Censorship Committee scrutinizes gaming software to prevent content that threatens public order, public security, or the nation’s dignity. Only after passing this strict review process does the government issue a license for gaming software to be sold in Thailand. In addition to obtaining the license, business entrepreneurs must comply with the country’s strict gaming regulations to sell their products in Thailand.

While the government has no clear plans to allow casinos in Thailand, there is some optimism among international operators. Although many of these operators are gung-ho about the country’s potential to become a hub for gambling, they are holding off until the regulations are finalized. The government may be able to create some legislation that will appease international operators, but ultimately the government’s final implementation of the gambling law will determine the interest of foreign operators.

Game titles that are localized are important to Thai gamers. For example, a local video game such as Defender’s Quest can be translated into a Thai language, resulting in a much larger global audience for the product. After translating the game into six other languages, sales of the title on Steam tripled.

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