Top Architecture Firms in Singapore

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Top Architecture firms in Singapore  What I should look for

There are so many different firms out there claiming to be the best, but I have always found that the ones that stick to their promise, are the ones that I feel are the top architecture firms in Singapore. They are all over the city, and have been for many years now. If you were to ask me for my personal opinions, I would say that these are the top architecture firms in Singapore, and they are relatively unknown outside of Asia. That being said, here is what I should look for when choosing a top Singaporean architecture firm:


The actual location of the firm – If you live outside of Singapore, you may never even know that there is a top architectural firm in Singapore. I have a friend who lives in Malaysia and barely knows that there exists such a thing. When I was looking for top architect Singapore, I wanted to find a place that was within an hour’s drive, so that I could walk in if I had any questions. That way, I wouldn’t have to spend hours upon hours, driving around Singapore looking for the perfect design.


The design studios – It is important that the design studios that a firm has been located close enough to be accessible by their clients. By having a studio right next to your office door, you will never have to wait for an architect to come to meet you, which can be incredibly frustrating for both you and the client. If the studio isn’t close enough, you could easily miss an opportunity to work with your favorite designer, because it wouldn’t be convenient for them to come to your home to discuss your ideas. If you choose a top architectural firm that is located close enough to clients, you won’t have to worry about this hassle.

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