What Is a Vibratory Polisher?

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A vibratory polisher is a machine used to polish metal parts. The machine produces a consistent finish on all parts. It can process more than one sample at once. The machine can be customized for batch processing and can polish many different shapes. It can increase efficiency by 6 to 10 times. A vibratory polisher can be easily programmed to meet specific needs.

The Vibration & Finishing

Vibratory polishing machines come in two designs. One is characterized by an open tub design, and the other is made with a spiral tube. The open version is noisy, while the closed one is quieter. The design of a vibratory polisher depends on the media being polished. In some models, the media is added to an open tub-type container. In other machines, parts and media are added to the machine.

A vibratory polisher can smoothen metal cutlery by removing burs and abrasives. A vibratory finisher can also smoothen metal surfaces. The vibratory finishing process uses media mixed with a polishing compound. The compound may contain detergents or rust inhibitors. Another option is a barrel tumbler.

A vibratory polisher can use a variety of different media, from abrasive sandpaper to organic media. Plastic media are generally less dense than ceramic or steel and can be used on threaded parts. Organic media are biodegradable and reusable, and can be used to remove burrs from metal parts. The media size also matters. Smaller media will contact the surface more, creating a smoother finish. The smaller media are easier to manage, and they also require less force to remove burrs.

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